Classic Lashing is the art of skillfully applying one single lash extension to one isolated natural lash.

Many factors are considered when choosing the appropriate lash for a classic set, including the length, curl, and diameter. And when applying a classic set, it is limited by the number of healthy lashes to which extensions can be applied. For those with thick natural lashes, this works out perfectly, but for those working with less, the volume technique is a better option

full set / 150. - 2-3 week fill / 65. - 3+ week fill / 80.+




Volume lashing is a technique, not a type of lash. 

The Volume Lashing technique is a method in which anywhere from 2-6 super fine, lightweight lash extensions are safely applied to a single natural lash.

With the Volume technique you can actually apply more lashes, using less weight, allowing you to create fuller, more lush lashes. Much the same as classic lashing, one natural lash is isolated, but instead of applying a single classic extension, a hand made “fan” or “bouquet” of smaller diameter lashes are applied in a completely customized style and weight for each client.

full set / 200. - 2-3 week fill / 80. - 3+ week fill / 100.+